Tendons, Blood Flow and Guns.

Tendons, Blood Flow and Guns.

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Tendons, Blood Flow and Guns.

Its safe to say nobody at this office is a doctor, a surgeon or even capable of spelling half the muscles in the body.

But, we do know this.

Tendons with increased blood flow heal faster than tendons without.

That's why the ACL tear is a way bigger stress than the MCL tear.

Recently, I've been fighting back from a reasonably bad rotator cuff strain.

One, having a limited range of motion, tight pecs and pushing more than pulling is dumb, I get it.

Two, using one of these guns makes my rehab way easier to get blood flow around my rotator cuff, and the exercises much easier.

Here is my (not a doctor protocol)

  1. Ram gun into my pec minor for two minutes
  2. Stretch pec
  3. Let it sit on my front delt for two minutes
  4. Front raises with super slow negs. 20 reps
  5. Put the back of my hand on the small of my back, and beg someone to massage under and around the shoulder blade for two minutes (this is amazing)
  6. Bunch of banded RC exercises, super slow negs
  7. Ram gun into my lat
  8. Hang of a bar for two minutes


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