The Team

From Left to right:

Callum, our dynamic Warehouse Supervisor and resident professional wrestler, plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and organisation of Loaded's warehouse operations. His unique background and innovative thinking have led to significant improvements in the warehouse's workflow, ensuring that our growing customer base receives their orders promptly. Callum's enthusiasm and dedication to the team have not only streamlined our processes but also fostered a positive and motivational atmosphere, enabling Loaded to consistently deliver outstanding service to our loyal community of lifters.

James, the driven founder of Loaded, has transformed his passion for powerlifting into Australia's premier online destination for strength sports enthusiasts. Drawing from his experience as an engineer and inspired by Tim Ferriss' "The 4-Hour Workweek," James devoted countless hours to growing Loaded from a humble rental townhouse into a thriving 1000 sqm commercial facility. His unwavering commitment to the strength community ensures that Loaded continues to offer the highest quality gear and exceptional customer experience.

Ashleigh, our invaluable Executive Assistant and seasoned Customer Experience Manager, is a key force behind the success of Loaded. With over 10 years of retail experience, Ashleigh's attention to detail, exceptional organisational skills, and deep understanding of customer needs have made her an indispensable part of the company. As a reliable extension of James, she expertly manages daily operations, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers and fostering strong relationships within the powerlifting and strength sports community.