Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

James - Founder

James - Owner, bossman, current dad bod.
Like all of you reading this, James had a dream, and like many, he also had a uni degree with an office job in an engineering firm. Hugely inspired by the 4-hour workweek (Tim Ferriss), James did what courageous people do, start life as a double shift.
Work by day, Loaded by night, in 3 sqm of his tiny little rental townhouse. Somewhere in between, try to Squat, Bench and Dead.
For most, this is a far more relatable story, as the ‘quit your job and chase your dream’ ethos can be somewhat unrealistic if you want to eat. After years of double-shift life, Loaded was making enough for James to follow his favourite phrase, ‘you’ve got to risk it to win the biscuit’.
Now a proud dad, his level of commitment to Loaded hasn’t changed, literally putting it all on the line to transition to include an equipment business in 2020.
​He may not pack every box anymore, but he’s still involved in every level of the business.
​Still lifting, still super picky about products, still committed to the strength community.

Meet the Team

Stephen  - Warehouse Manager

Welcome to the team, Stephen. Possibly one of the biggest steps in our growth, a true powerhouse in the realm of warehousing and logistics. He quite literally has been doing this as long as many of the people reading this have been alive, 35 years experience, from storeman to state operations manager, he's done it all.

​On day one, he's provided improvements that mean you guys get things quicker, faster and more efficiently. Efficient, fast warehousing is an animal far beyond most of us, and Stephen is brining years of experience and high level qualifications to the role.

​We're pumped on this one. Loaded is growing and this is a big step that we needed to take. Expect even better delivery times and a higher ability to know your goods are leaving the warehouse in 24 hours.

Meet the Team

Ashleigh (Ash) - Executive Assistant

Ashleigh - our breath of fresh air!

As we do our best to meet your needs, we realised we needed a dedicated Customer Experience Manager and a reliable extention of the owner.

Bossman would be lost without her. She keeps the ship moving, the cogs turning and the net operations smooth as silk.

With over 10 years experience in the retail sector, an eye for detail and quick fingers, you guys are in safe hands!

Meet the Team

Sophia - Customer Experience

Welcome to the team Sophia! A rose between the thorns, Sophia brings a level of fun, laughs and bubbliness from the second she walks in the door!
​As we do more face to face and ramp up our online customer service, Sophia is exactly what we need! With 11 years of customer experience (we know, the photo looks like she started working at 11 to have that kind of experience) her level of detail, professionalism and proactivity has been absolutely vital during the last few weeks.
​Jump online if you need a hand, and if Sophia is on chat, ask how her volleyball is going, or what her next adventure is!

Meet the Team

Caitlin - Customer Experience

Welcome Caitlin!!! Another absolute gun to the customer service team, and again we've managed to get an experienced, intelligent and proactive member for the team!
​A huge sport lover, she fits right in - and we're excited to have someone so detailed driven on the team.
​As always, hit the chat for any of your needs!

Meet the Team

Nabil - Procurement and Logistics

Welcome to the team Nabil! If there is anything we love, it’s a fanatic. From 12 he’s been racing mountain bikes, training and dedicated to being better. He’s applied that same mindset to supply chain in his professional career and now joins the team to make things run smooth for you guys.
From day one he’s been hard working and taking the extra steps to fit in with our high level team! Legend has it the bossman will get a bike and try to keep up down a hill with him. This guy is a keeper for sure!

Meet the Team

Callum -  Warehouse Team Leader

We don't want to brag, but we have a professional wrestler on the team. Welcome Callum, the new warehouse team leader!
​He's already been a huge addition as he applies his experience to innovative concepts that make the warehouse team work better than ever. The warehouse remains the heart and soul of this business, and Callum has been huge in keeping us all motivated as we continue to grow and evolve. Moving huge containers in and out, and having shelves set for 24 hour dispatch requires a HUGE effort from everyone on the team.
​Catch Callum with his pupper, in the gym or literally in the ring wrestling. We can not wait to go watch a match.

Meet the Team

Jasper - Warehouse and Despatch

Welcome to the team Jasper, and thanks for brining the level of rad a lot higher in the team, Jasper trains but can do actual functional things like skate and ride a mountain bike.

His level of stoke and energy has been awesome in the warehouse, as well as knowing bands we have no idea about.

When things fly out the door, Jasper is part of the team getting them there safe and sound! Welcome aboard!

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    Hey guys & girl 😊 what a great advertisement for your company

    Thanks for letting us in and seeing the human side of the venture, this was surprisingly very reassuring and motivating

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