Training vs Competing

Andrew Jansen

Training vs Competing

Such an age-old concept, but we all need a reminder some times.

There is nothing wrong with maxing out in the gym.

But, unless you peak for it, it's not likely to compare with your peaked total. It's not likely to help your strength in any way.

It could help your motivation, it could also make you sad as hell if you miss an old weight.

Here are some practical tips:

  1. compete with yourself on rep goals. Writing down a 10RM, 5RM and 3RM leaves you lots of places to get motivated

  2. if you compete, save your 1RM for the platform. If you don't, save you 1RM for a planned day with friends, deload, and reap the reward of your training

  3. There is never, ever a time where it's worth pushing through form to get a lift. Ever. Comp or not. We are in a sport with dire consequences

Lastly, RPE is just so generalised.

An adult with kids, a full-time job, mortgage payments and Karen in accounts on his back is DIFFERENT from a uni student on holiday sleeping 16 hours a day.

Stress is stress, training is a stress. If you are in a portion of life where you have a lot on, maxing out, not a great plan.

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