15kegs in 2023 - Not a bad start

Andrew Jansen

In roughly 12 weeks, I dropped 15kg. We're happy to discuss what was done, but lets be really honest, this advice applies to powerlifters and strength athletes that have muscle mass and a stack of fluff.


1. there was no magic program or exercise

2. its been horrible, fat loss is not fun. The workouts are long and non-rewarding

3. around 20 hours per week


The Numbers

112kg to 97kg. My 'walk around' weight was probably around 109, and then I gained a stack of weight during the holidays. The ole head got huge.

Lets assume some of its water weight that I've lost due to a drop in carbs, and some was just 'easy' holiday weight, maybe a honest 8-10kg of fat.


15kegs in 2023 - Not a bad start


112 above, 97 below

15kegs in 2023 - Not a bad start


What was done

Diet - one cheat meal a week. Anything that tastes good, I avoid (or my cravings go nuts). To date, no calories have been counted. The one cheat meal a week is a nice restaurant meal with the partner (before she kicks me to the curb).

Training - huge increase in volume and exercises

I'm not the kind of person that can try and eat moderate and 'fun' - I go straight meat, veg and rice and keep it simple.


The Training

Again, I think this would work for most powerlfiters and strength folk, but the goal was to cash in the cheques I'm owed. Training all my 'weak' areas, plus pre-hab and rehab was the goal.

Every morning I would train weights, every night I would stretch and do bodyweight movements.

I've been a powerlfter for a very long time, and there is a stack of stuff I've never done, and a bunch of injuries I needed to rehab.

I am in no way saying this training was fun, rewarding or mentally stimulating.


The Weaknesses

My left leg was way bigger than my right. My right arm, shoulder and pec was way bigger. I couldn't plank for 30 seconds. I couldn't side plank for 15 seconds.

I've never trained glutes in my life, I couldn't recall the last time I did a hamstring machine (or even used a machine). I've never trained abs in my life.

I haven't trained anything overhead in at least 5 years.

I had lots of space to get better.

In all cases where I could use a machine uni-laterrally, I did, and I trained the weak side twice as much as the strong. I've barely touched a barbell.


15kegs in 2023 - Not a bad start


Sample week

Every day, I'd do a lower body matched to a upper body

Monday - 30 sets chest and shoulder / 20 sets calves

Tuesday - 30 sets back / 20 sets hammies

Wed - 30 sets glutes / 20 sets arms

Thurs - back to Monday

I'd train 5-6 days a week

Everything is on a machine. Reps would go from 30 - 6 - I didn't really care. I would try to keep rest very short. I don't care if I do 10 sets on one machine or 3 sets of 3 machines, I just chug along with whats available in the gym.


The methodology

I strongly believe that phones make you weak, and using a phone during a workout makes it ineffective. In 90% of these workouts, I would have my phone on silent, in my gym bag and headphones on.

I'm time poor like every person in the world, and I'd already be getting up at 4am to get this done before the work day, so the last thing I care about is insta. Rest was 30secs if possible. Mostly would be 1 min due to my lack of fitness.


The morning

I hate being up early. I'm not a morning person in any way. Every time I try to do training I don't enjoy in the evening, I'll find a way to skip it. I've never had a problem with strength based stuff in the evenings though.

I get up at 4am, its dark, its lame, I eat, I drink a lot of black coffee and try to get to the gym by 5am and train to 7am. I look in the fridge, and if I haven't meal prepped, I chuck a bunch of chicken in the air fryer and pop the rice cooker on while I shower etc. I try to do this before the gym, or I'll find a way to buy food out and cheat on my diet.

Work all day. I'm in bed and asleep my 9,30 pm. I don't watch TV etc or any screens after 8pm.

I have a full time job, friends, partner, all the normal stuff. Yes, I'm tired constantly. Between 5am and 7am, its hard to find a excuse not to train, or a excuse to be on the phone.

If you can't tell, I have to manage myself. I know myself super well, and I hate that I'm so quick to cheat on diets when I'm not full or have food available.


The Evening

By 8.30pm, stretch and try to do rehab stuff with bands etc. If I'm on the floor for 30 mins, it counts, even if I don't do much. Most nights, I'd end up stretching and doing push-ups, planks etc for around a hour.


The Goal

I'd like to lose another 10kg, but obviously, the rate of progress has slowed. I accept that 10kg will probably take the rest of 2023. It is what it is.

Mentally, its been hard giving up lifting heavy with barbells, but I've got to do the training I'm good at and enjoy for a long time, and now I have to try and get into a shape I can maintain. I'm 40 years old, and I have been over 90kg for at least 20 years (some quick cuts for comps, but by majority, a bigger rig), I've been over 100kg for at least 10 years.

It took my 14 to 35 years to bench 140, and I've really just been trying to hold numbers for the last 5 years (unsuccessfully). I don't think I have many years of ability to grow, and certainly not a lot of years training squats over the 220kg mark.


This is just common sense

I went from training 6-12 hard sets with 5-7 mins rest, maybe a hour of training, to two hours, 30sec-1m rest and volume through the roof.

I'm older, and I recover fine, machine work etc is just not that taxing on the CNS, but does burn cals.

At some point I'll have to count cals, but right now, its just trying to eat as much protein as possible and avoid anything delicious.


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