What to get the meathead, lifter or gym junkie in your life.

Andrew Jansen

We get this question quite a lot, so we’re going to make this easy for you! We’ll have lots of choices in each price range.


Your long-term partner that complains all the time about being sore (and wants a massage)


The best bet is a foam roller. A ‘good’ one last forever. If he’s a big guy, those ones from kmart will snap in half when he rolls on them. You can lie on the floor in front of the tv, and go from barely walking to ready to squat.


A great addition for the beat up lifter is a ‘ball pack’, a lacrosse ball for areas like the hips, a peanut to loosen the back and a spiky ball for pecs and shoulders.


Your friend from the office that talks about squatting too much $20 ish

If you look at their Instagram, and they deadlift and squat constantly, they likely will love deadlift socks. Stopping those big cuts in the front of your shins, and making the lift have less friction, you’ll be popular for sure. Less than $20 and highly useable


Your friend who has 50 insta stories about training Under $30, but thoughtful

If they train all the time, they likely have everything. But, we’d wager they don’t have leather straps. Most people buy the heavy-duty cotton (given they are about $10 cheaper), but for the cost of a nice meal you can get leather straps. Once they break in, they are ultra-comfortable. The gift for the gym-junkie that has everything.


The fitness person always carrying a water bottle

One of our best sellers is the Hydra Bottle. Doesn’t get smelly, easy to wash, stays cold. It’s the best. And its under $20. On this one, you can pick up brownie points by getting the favourite colour. We do sell out of this one a lot, so jump on early if you want one.


The Super dedicated lifter

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves their training, the deadlift shoe is going to make them happy. Ultra grippy, it makes a big difference if you don’t have a facility with grippy floors. You can guess if they are this kind of person, if you notice they wear different shoes for different days in the gym.


For your son or daughter with a stinky gym bag

We get this a lot too, what to get your lifting obsessed offspring. Peek in their gym bag, and get a second pair of sleeves or wrist wraps. Match the size they have. Sleeves and wrist wraps wear over time, and a fresh pair is always amazing. It might mean they wash their old pair too.


The Easy Choice

If all else fails, then we always have gift cards!


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