Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport to distance

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Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport to distance

Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport to distance. The shorter the bar path, the more potential to move more weight. If you want to compete, or just want to maximise whats on the bar - lots of things help.

​Sumo is a much shorter bar path - especially if you can get wide naturally - with your toes out. Add in flats, and you can realistically remove 5-9 inches from your bar path. Complainers will complain, but its so useless - the sport is the sport - the rules are the rules.

​Secondarily - sumo works a similar but different set of musculature - that often can help you break through a sticking point in your conventional.

​End of the day - train both - the help each other. If you want to compete - consider sumo if you are flexible. If you are more comfortable in conventional - compete in that. Many many of the best deadlifters in the world are good at both, which is a useful data point.


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