Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport of distance

Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport of distance

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Pro-Tip - Powerlifting is a sport of distance

Pro-Tip Distance - Powerlifting is a sport to distance. The shorter the bar path, the more potential to move more weight. If you want to compete, or just want to maximise whats on the bar - lots of things help.

​Sumo is a much shorter bar path - especially if you can get wide naturally - with your toes out. Add in flats, and you can realistically remove 5-9 inches from your bar path. Complainers will complain, but its so useless - the sport is the sport - the rules are the rules.

​Secondarily - sumo works a similar but different set of musculature - that often can help you break through a sticking point in your conventional.

​End of the day - train both - the help each other. If you want to compete - consider sumo if you are flexible. If you are more comfortable in conventional - compete in that. Many many of the best deadlifters in the world are good at both, which is a useful data point.


Pro-Tip 2 - Reducing sticking spots (even in reduced distance)


Pro-Tip - fix your bench. Slow off the chest - stalling out mid way or even failing to lock out - all are assisted by being faster and more explosive off the chest.

​Lots of people who comp pause or pause all the time, or people really focussed on form, develop a habit of being slow off the chest.

​Unsurprisingly - the best way to get better at being explosive - is to reduce the weight far from grind level - and work hard on pushing as hard as possible. Bands and chains are great for this. This was called a dynamic day back in the day - but it really does make you way better off the chest (in our opinion). Watch out about going to light and having bad form or hyper extending your elbows from locking out too hard.

​Dumbell press is also great - elbows in or similar to your normal bench setup.

​Grinding lots of benches has very little positives and many negatives. Save the 5 second grinder for a comp day!



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