How to start training and keep training

Andrew Jansen

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. Good Ole Newton, that was his first law.

We, as humans, are exactly the same.


How to start training

The goal is to place AS LITTLE in your way as possible, AND to have the smallest goal possible. Get that object into motion. The reality is, if you haven't trained in a while, getting dressed, driving to the gym and getting to the equipment is going to suck out 90% of your motivation.

Some overly caffeinated PT is going to tell you about a million things you don't care about, talk about functional strength, and all you want to do is get started.

For the average person, the easiest entry to training is a pair of dumbbells and curls in front of the TV. Yes, thats not going to win the Olympia, but you know what its 1000000 times better than, doing nothing.

How to start training and keep training 

How to get into motion

'Success buildings motivation, motivation builds success' (Mike Tyson quote in the same article as Newton, nice).

3 sets of curls every night is enough to accumulate stress and build muscle mass. More sets, even better.

3 sets day one of curls, 3 sets of shoulder press the next, even better.

Goal 1, some sort of curl or shoulder press, 3 times a week, for a month.


Its time to get overly positive

The goal here is to give yourself a pat on the back, give yourself a wrap and feel the success. Don't say 'ah, its nothing', because its something.

Good for Instagram famous Abby the ab queen, who hasn't had a carb in 9 years and has no life, but comparison is indeed the thief of joy.

You are not in a race, you are getting in motion. The very day you say 'ah, who cares, I'm not doing much' is the day you go back to rest, and it gets harder.


Why are we trying to be so positive

Self efficacy is a branch of behavioural phycology. Its pretty simple, every time you fail, its harder to succeed.

Many people that do well in fitness have always done well in fitness. The level of self motivation it takes a long time trained athlete to get to the gym is not even in the same world as a overweight person or untrained person. Its not the same thing, nor should it be considered the same.


Its not 'weak' or poor planning to do very little, its smart, setting up some goals you are likely not to fail will build some confidence, and thats what you need to train.


For the new to gym - it does suck a lot of the time

A long time ago, during a squat session, a new friend from Russia joined us. He said something I repeat all the time 'Why is everyone so obsessed with being happy, in Russia, if someone is happy all the time, we think they are crazy'.

Nobody is happy all the time, and work is just that, work, work is supposed to be hard. Doing curls is not as fun as watching TV and eating ice cream, and its a lie to tell you it is. You simply just don't get the same level of endorphins. You need to do enough that it hurts and burns, and you don't give up. This is the lesson you are learning, push through the suck, and its over pretty quick. Later, you will embrace that suck, because you know its making you better.


Please share the gist of this with someone

I know exactly three humans that have lost over 50kg with the above. Month one, some curls and shoulder press, month two, continue to eat whatever you want, but you have to throw away half of the bad calories.

Physically cut the Cherry ripe in half, and put it in the bin. Physically walk to the bin and throw half the chips in there, and one side of the bun. You would be surprised how quickly people change diets when they feel wasteful. You want a full cherry ripe, you better buy two and cut them in half. Humans just don't do this for long, and diets clean up pretty quick.

One of the three, lets call him Bob, met a gal who said its wasteful and she wouldn't allow it, Bob gained the 50kg back and more, and stopped doing his curls (that sill makes me angry).

If anyone is interested, month three, set a alarm 20 mins before your normal waking time, take some caffeine, then try to walk when you get up.

Not having the tools to get started sucks, and the internet is just unrealistic with some beginner programs. Hope this helps, and that number goes from 3 to 300.




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