In 2019, we are more committed to you, the customer, than ever.

Some of you may have noticed we changed logos. We didn't make a big fuss, but the plan was always to create a range of products that rivals EVERY brand in quality and function. 

 Our Wraps and Sleeves are built for huge PRs. The sleeves are hard to get on, but worth it once you drop into the first rep. The new Death Adder wrist wraps are our tightest, strongest and most supportive. 

 The now legendary A7 shirts provide no slip. Our deadlift socks are simple, and have very low friction. 

Our T-shirts breathe well and perfect for training.We here at Loaded at doing our very best for you. 

We moved warehouse to ship faster, we work with the best brands in the world, and now we have a line that is both economical, and rivals in quality. 

 We'd love if you give this a share, and THANK YOU to every person that has ever bought a product! 

 Production credits and shoutouts to @dbsbarbell@jcmcreative@johncmurphy

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