Inzer Power Deadlift Socks (Black/ Red)

Inzer Power Deadlift Socks (Black/ Red)


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  • The smooth, clear runway of Inzer Power Deadlift Socks instantly increases deadlift performance.
  • Innovative cuffless design completes the smooth runway for the bar to travel up, for your biggest deadlifts. (Sock-cuffs, rough-knits and front-embroidery on traditional deadlift socks hinder performance. Another problem of past deadlift socks is sock-bunching on the bar as the bar is pulled up. Sock-bunching slows the bar, decreases deadlifting power and can result in scraped shins)
  • Performance compression (20-30 mmHg) promotes muscle fiber integration for stronger lifting and recovery.
  • Spacious toe area promotes natural flare of toes for stability.
  • Experience the advantage of true Power Socks.
  • The absolute best power deadlift socks. Expertly detailed for top performance. Patent Pending.

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