Mouthware Fresh Spray (Original)

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Rinsing your mouthware with water is not enough to eliminate odours and harmful compounds!


New Age is dedicated to providing our customers, with superior performance enhancing mouth ware. We are equally committed to ensuring that these products can be properly cared for. We are now delighted to be able to provide our exclusively formulated “Mouth ware Fresh Spray” specifically designed for all our mouth ware products. This product is part of a healthier lifestyle, and should be used each time you are finished using your mouthpiece.


DIRECTIONS: Remove mouth ware from your mouth. Spray 3-4 times on the top of your mouth ware and 3-4 times on the bottom of your mouth ware making sure a liberal amount of the product comes into contact with all surfaces of the mouth ware. Allow a few minutes of contact time to ensure all odour causing compounds are eliminated. Your mouth ware is now ready to use again. For serious contamination issues, or at the start of each season, allow the mouth ware to soak for 20 minutes in a container.


CONTAINS: Purified filtered water, stabilized chlorine dioxide, natural plant extracts, polysorbate 20, sodium benzoate.

***3 months supply based on 4x per week usage.***