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The perfect squat activation tool used to activate and warm-up your glute Maximus, glute medial and hip flexors while helping to maintain correct squat mechanics.

Great warmup tool for squat, particularly if you are a lifter that struggles with knees coming inwards during the squat. The Glute Band will warm-up your key squat muscles and stabilisers for an effective and powerful squat session.

To use: Place just above your knees and perform air squats or side-to-side crab walks.

If you move toes in you activate Glute Medias stabiliser and if you keep your feet parallel you use your Glute Maximus.

Additionally, it will stabilise hips during external rotation, this assists when coming out of a squat it forces you to push your knees out and heels down which provides more force out of the hole.


M: <75kg bodyweight
L: 75kg to 100kg
XL: >100kg bodyweight