Economy Olympic Barbell, Nickel Plated, Hill Knurl, 20kg, 2.2m [Pre order, ETA Late May]

Economy Olympic Barbell, Nickel Plated, Hill Knurl, 20kg, 2.2m [Pre order, ETA Late August]

By: Loaded Lifting Equipment

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OK, so bars aren’t just bars.

We’ve all been to globo-gyms with bent bars and soft knurling. We knew what we wanted when going to market for barbells. Ensuring correct specifications and knurling was a must when approaching an Olympic Barbell.

8 needle bearings ensure smooth rotation in each sleeve. At 28mm, a moderate amount of whip if felt by lifters. Overall, a bar that suits any lifter that is not in critical need of centre knurling

For our Olympic Barbell offering, we sort a high tensile and durable alloy. Competition length and specification spacing on the bar with dual Weightlifting and Powerlifting knurling.

It had to meet Weightlifting specifications, so a 28mm and 2.2m shaft was non-negotiable. At 20kg weight, we wanted it not to cost a fortune as well.

So this is what we have, two versions of our Olympic Barbell, that should last you for a very long time, load rated way more than you can ever lift, and with our signature logo on the end.

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  • Suitable as an all-rounder full sized economy barbell
  • Brass Bushings
  • Stiff alloy, moderate to high whip
  • No Centre knurling
  • Dual knurl marks for Weightlifting and Powerlifting
  • Finer knurling
  • 7ft (2.2m)
  • 28mm bar diameter
  • 50mm sleeves
  • 20kg weight
  • Nickel Plate finish
  • Chrome sleeves
  • 42 CrMo Alloy steel
  • Coating thickness: 30-micrometre
  • Maximum load 1000bs (450kg)
  • Tensile Strength: 200,000 PSI
  • Lifetime warranty



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