Deadlift Bar - Black Cerakote - Volcano Knurl, 20kg, 2.3m [Pre Order, ETA Late April]

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Deadlift Bar - Black Cerakote - Volcano Knurl, 20kg, 2.3m [Pre Order, ETA Late April]

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Our number one selling barbell.

The deadlift. The ultimate test of raw strength.

We've consulted with many lifters and gym owners to build a bar that is truly something special.

Our primary focus was ensuring the volcano knurling was positioned correctly for the lifter and bar dimensions were to spec. That means a 27mm shaft diameter, 2.3m long and a strong alloy that will provide optimal whip, that locked-in grip and can withstand repetitive thrashing​

With micro ribbed sleeves, the ribbing assists in keeping plates in place better if you choose not to secure them with collars. Frankly, a lot of folks lift that way.

    ​It's a pretty awesome position to be able to get the bar you want. Basically - we wanted a bar you can PR on (who doesn't).

    ​Overly whippy bars catch you - so the whip is predictable and 'easy' to pull out from the ground. The length gets the nice feeling of the weights dislodging from the ground sequentially. The grip is made for comp - it's not going anywhere once you lock-in.

    ​All the QA bars passed, so we are pleased to announce these to home lifters and gyms alike. Get some!


    • Deadlift specific barbell commonly used in various Powerlifting competitions
    • Volcano Knurling (aggressive)
    • Custom made, small batch.
    • Designed from scratch from the Loaded Lifting team alongside athletes.
    • Micro sibbed sleeves to prevent plates from sliding during warm up sets without collars.
    • 27mm diameter
    • 2.3m total length
    • 39cm loadable collar length
    • 430mm knurled centre
    • No center knurl
    • 20kg net weight (+/-0.5% tolerance)
    • Bronze Bushings
    • Medium and predictable 'bar whip'
    • 42Crmo alloy steel
    • Maximum safe load: 1,500lbs (680kg).
    • 200K PSI tensile strength 
    • Matt Black Cerakote Shaft for ultimate durability
    • Hardened Chrome Sleeves
    • Lifetime warranty

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