Blaze Women's Meet Kit (2XS - M)
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Blaze Women's Meet Kit (2XS - M)

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Empower your strength journey with the Blaze Women's Meet Kit. This meticulously curated bundle is tailored for the dedicated female powerlifter, combining unparalleled style, comfort, and elite performance. Whether you're setting personal records or taking the competition by storm, this IPF-approved gear ensures you shine in all your powerlifting glory.

Why Choose The Blaze Women's Meet Kit?

Crafted specifically for the dedicated female powerlifter, this bundle has everything to make sure you're not just prepared, but also at your absolute best. From the sculpted design of the Luno soft suit to the protective embrace of the deadlift socks, every product in this kit champions the essence of the female athlete. Elevate your performance, embody strength, and exude style with the Blaze Women's Meet Kit.

Included Products:

  1. A7 Luno Women's Soft Suit - IPF Approved (Blaze)

    Elevate your lifting game with the A7 Luno Women's Soft Suit. Drawing inspiration from the Latin word 'Luno', which signifies the curve or crescent shape, this singlet is tailored for the power-packed frame of an athlete. Designed for ultimate comfort, mobility, and visual appeal, this soft suit is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

    Key Features:

    • Premium breathable fabric ensuring unrestricted movement.
    • Non-irritating flatlock seams.
    • Compression grip strip to prevent ride-ups.
    • Innovative racerback and side-panel stitch design.
    • IPF-approved for competitive use.

  2. Hourglass Knee Sleeves - Blaze - Rigor Mortis (IPF Approved)

    Experience unparalleled support with the A7 Hourglass Knee Sleeves. Unveiling a patent-pending hourglass design, it promises a snug fit while concentrating compression around the knee. Whether you're going for casual lifts or aiming for record-breaking numbers, there's a stiffness level tailored just for you.

    Key Features:

    • Unique hourglass-shaped centre taper fit.
    • Triple stiffness levels: Flexi, Stiff, and the ultra-dense Rigor Mortis.
    • IPF-compliant 7mm thickness and 30cm length.
    • Double-seamed for maximum knee tension.
    • Packaged in a breathable mesh bag.

  3. Pair A7 Deadlift Socks (Blaze)

    Say goodbye to shin scrapes with the A7 Deadlift Socks. Engineered for heavy pulls, these socks don't just protect; they elevate your lifting prowess. The snug fit provides compression, ensuring your legs get the oxygen they need, while the cushioned footbed pampers your feet, allowing you to focus solely on your lifts.

    Key Features:

    • Durable compression-style design.
    • Enhanced arch support.
    • Cushioned footbed for ultimate comfort.
    • Perfect for both training and competitive powerlifting sessions.

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