Often in online retail, it's almost impossible to put a face to the business you're buying from. Well, let us take a short moment to introduce ourselves. 

Loaded Lifting serves thousands of Australians in their endeavours to become stronger and improved versions of themselves. We pride our reputation on being a premium Powerlifting equipment supplier, working only with the most reputable international brands including IPF approved A7 and Inzer Advance Designs whilst also developing our own cutting-edge powerlifting gear. We are also proud sponsors of some well-established and up-and-coming powerlifters and strength athletes.

With over 6 years’ experience in the powerlifting business, we've come to realise exactly what lifters need when it comes to their training. We hope you love your gear from us and will be coming back for more.

Until then, happy training, stay focussed and always lift the standard!