A7 PAL Lever Buckle - Silver

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A7 PAL Lever Belt features a sleek black design with engraved A7 logo. The new Pioneer Adjustable Lever, PAL, buckle allows you to quickly adjust the tightness of your belt in 0.5 inch or 1.25 cm increments for a perfect fit. PAL allows up to 2” of adjustability before needing to use a screwdriver to adjust the backplate setting on the belt.

You can purchase the PAL buckle and upgrade your current A7 lever belt. The PAL buckle and the Lever Buckle will fit the leather slabs interchangeably.

The A7 PAL Lever Belt is IPF approved and is allowed in all IPF competitions.

A7 PAL Lever Buckle Features:

  • Ability to quickly adjust tightness by 0.5 inch or 1.25 cm increments
  • Black metal lever buckle with engraved A7 logo
  • Approved for use in APU, IPL and IPF
  • Patent Pending design