Welcome to the world of adaption

With the changes to the world happening fast, lifters across Aus with a hammer and some ideas are making things happen.

For OBVIOUS reasons, this post and subsequent posts are not advice, and for information only. Do NOT follow these plans, go talk to a builder etc.

How to Make a Rack

Turned into this. Now, it does not look like much, but we've all been to the ugly side when things get desperate!
For screws, Thomas used 12 and 14 gauge wood screws and bolts. Shock-resistant washers on every screw. The J hooks are held with heavy duty screws which are rated for heavy load up to 500kg. The jhooks are galvanised steel load recommended up to 600kg.

**Science alert. Dropping a bar EXPONENTIALLY increase the load when it hits with gravity. Static loads should be taken with a dose of 'not in real life'. Thomas is well aware to be careful on this, and knows its interim until life is normal.

Think you can do better? Tag us on any social, and we'll feature it. Over the next week, best home build gets a $300 gift voucher on our site. Comp is open for the next month!

More than that, lets all inspire ourselves that we can get things done.

How to Make weights

Bucket of sand, max 20kg ea Bucket with set concrete, 45 ish. Since this photo, David (https://www.instagram.com/_meat_boi_/) has created a collar system to make sure the weights can't swing or move (please don't break your back)

Chains (if you can get them cheap) are epic and accommodate resistance.

Standing on bands can create huge resistance (you can use pipe from bunnings if no bar)


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