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Welcome to Loaded Lifting, your trusted powerlifting partner.

Now you’re asking, “what are you selling?” 

Well, you know what we sell, we’re taking the opportunity to explain why we sell it. You see, once you set your mind on achieving a goal and going to the place of focus where all distractions melt away and all that matters is that lift, that set, that achievement the last thing you need is an equipment failure.  Sure you can swap belts, re-rack the weight, reset the clock, take a moment to rewrap your wrists or knees but the moment, that moment, is gone and it’s never coming back… because you didn’t have the gear worthy of that moment.

This is the potential cost of saving money on inferior products or taking a punt on cheap brands that refuse to display quality assurance like a medal of honour – trustworthiness!

That’s what we stand for, that’s how we lift the standard!

Loaded Lifting
Lifting the Standard
Featured Products
Inzer Forever Lever Belt 10mm
Inzer Iron Wrist Wraps Z
Inzer Competition Singlet
Loaded Lever Belt 10mm
Inzer Iron Knee Wraps Z
Loaded Ammonia Inhalant
PR Mk2 Knee Sleeves
Inzer Gripper Wrist Wraps
Deadlift Slippers (Premium)
Ammonia Capsules
Deadlift Socks: Black/Red
Competition Singlet: Midnight Black
PR Mk3 Knee Sleeves
Competition Singlet: Blood Red
Ricochet Knee Wraps
Regular Pulling Straps
Lock-Wrist Wraps 2.0
Axle Deadlift Straps
Training Grade Knee Sleeves 2.0
Loaded Single Prong Belt 10mm
Economy Lever Belt 10mm
Economy Single Prong Belt 10mm
Red Line Knee Sleeves
Death Adder Wrist Wraps
Loaded Lifting Gym Bag
Figure 8 Pulling Straps