Pocketrocket Workout Log Book
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Pocketrocket Workout Log Book

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Pocketrocket Workout logbook

Hi! My names is Laura Sgro aka 'Pocketrocket'.

I have created my very own Pocketrocket workout logbook to help everyone “trust the process”, stick to there plan and stay consistent in their training.

As a world and national record holder tracking my progress, being determined and dedicated is a must to improve my training and my goals.

Now, I have created a logbook to help everyone stay on track with their training and health.

My book includes:

  • a goal setting page
  • a reference page that explains RPE
  • A reference page that explains VBT using gymaware and flexstronger devices
  • Equipment recommended page from loaded lifting including my loaded lifting discount code
  • Workout log sheet including sleep and daily calories intake
  • Fortnight/monthly check-in measurement sheets
  • My favourite part is my favourite inspirational quotes throughout the book that helped me along the way
  • Also, check-in reminders to help share Pocketrocket

It’s a A5 hardcover book that will easily fit in your gym bag so you have it with you every training session.

Love, the Pocketrocket!

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