Loaded Massage Gun - Personal (silver)
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Loaded Massage Gun - Personal (silver)

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We searched the market for what you need, removed what you didn’t and now can offer a massage gun at the fairest price.

Why buy a gun? Increased range of motion, better exercise execution and increased recovery.

In training, your two major factors are your maximum recoverable volume, and the efficacy of how you create that volume.

In order to progress at the best rate, a valid approach is to increase firstly your ability to recover and secondarily your ability to lift efficiently.

Massage guns come into play here. No massage gun is magic, and its effects are largely perception based on muscular soreness and range. Studies have shown a decrease in perceived delayed onset muscular soreness and increase of range using percussive therapy (ie, a massage gun).

When to use your gun? Before you workout

Science show improved muscular strength, power development and kinesthetic awareness (over a control group that had not warmed up). The gun allows a ‘cheat’ warmup. This is hugely effective on

  1. Shoulders before low bars
  2. Glutes and groin before low bars
  3. Hammies and low back before deads
  4. Triceps before bench

Which gun to buy? Loaded Personal or Loaded Pro

In an era full of marketing jive words, let us breakdown the costs and help you consider what you need

  1. Tool casing. In the personal model – we have a standard covering, the pro we chose aluminium. Aluminium absorbs some of the vibration at the unit, stopping your hand from going numb in longer use
  2. In the personal model – we have a 60W motor, capable of effective percussive therapy in self-use. On the pro model – it has far more torque – so you can lean into a bigger person's glutes and back and not overheat the motor
  3. Battery life – personal is 2-3 hours. Pro is 3-4 hours.

Basically, if you are a big guy, and want someone to lean into your glute and really work it through – the pro model is for you (and your gym buddies). Other ‘normal’ size people will be fine with the personal model.

Personal Unit Specifications:

  • Includes: Massage Gun, 4 attachments, plush carry case, charger, manual
  • Soft Silicone Grip
  • LED screen with speed and battery indicator
  • Input: 240VAC 50/60 Hz input (Australian Plug)
  • Output: 24VDC @ 1A
  • Power: 60W
  • Speed 1: 1800rpm, Speed 2: 2090rpm, Speed 3: 2360rpm, Speed 4: 2640rpm, Speed 5: 2920rpm, Speed 6: 3200rpm
  • Material: ABS and Silicone compound
  • Weight: 1.09kg
  • Speed: 6 settings
  • 10-minute safety shutoff
  • Battery: 2400mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hrs total
  • Use time: 2-3 hrs total
  • Noise: 40-60 dB
  • Operation: LED touch screen
  • Quick treatment of trigger points during training.
  • Simple use for quick relief of tight knobs and trigger points.
  • Suitable for everyday use.
  • Suitable for every athlete and gym goer.
  • Suitable for home use.


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