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Leather Deadlift Slippers (original logo)

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Low, zero heel or lift, super high traction and IPF legal.

This slipper is chosen to

  1. Ensure you minimise the distance the bar moves
  2. Ensure you are directly transferring power into the floor
  3. Allow full traction so you can sumo without fear of your feet slipping out

Available in a full range of sizes, this slipper is designed to be durable for in gym use, and competition ready for platform day.

10mm lower will seem like a mile lower when you are close to your one rep max! We all know breaking the bar off the ground is often the hardest part of the lift.

If you are training in a commercial gym setting, these allow you to throw a pair in your gym bag, and not lose form or technique by wearing ‘squishy’ shoes. The squish often will allow your knees to move improperly. Its also robbing you of power as it absorbs your initial push into the floor.

The suede lower will deal with the oldest of gym matts, or most slippery of gym floors. Lift in confidence your feet aren’t moving.

We understand how gym bags work, so we made the heel elastic, so you just throw them on, not necessarily needing socks. One less thing to pack.

Lastly – we made the outer leather so it conforms to your feet, but also made the profile low so they don’t get too sweaty, and there isn’t much material to dry before you throw them back in your gym bag.

These are mandatory for us, we always have a pair in the gym bag!

  • Beautiful leather finish
  • Optimised for sumo and conventional deadlifters
  • Full colour suede base
  • Continuous linear sole that conforms to your foot perfectly
  • Unbelievably comfortable
  • Elastic heel for the perfect fit



How do Deadlift Slippers give you an advantage during the deadlift?
Slippers will get you lower to the floor and the bar will start in a higher position against your shin which will maximise leverages for the pull (think of a rack pull).

Other than going bare foot (not compliant during a competition and has several safety concerns) deadlift slippers will provide you with a stable area of contact with the ground and provide a non slip surface for lifting.

With no rubber or force absorbing sole and a superior starting position, these slippers will help you to maximise your mechanical advantage and ultimately your performance during the deadlift.


With your favourite deadlift socks on, measure your foot length from your highest toe to the end of the foot, then select the size that matches based on the table below.

If you sit between sizes, go the size up.


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