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Heavy Power Cage

$1,499.95 $1,169.95
So you're after something a little more heavy duty?  Introducing our new Heavy Power Cage, rated to well over 500kg for the strongest of lifters.

Heavy duty J hooks will provide a reliable platform to dump your bar after a heavy lift and the heavy safety platforms keeping you safe for when things don't quite go to plan.

With the added benefit of an integrated pull up bar and rear weight tree, this will suit the most seasoned of lifters in their need for a robust, heavy-duty home gym setup.

Please note: we encourage you to use the safety rails where possible during your training to ensure your safety.

  • Assembled dimensions:
    L: 237cm
    W: 182cm
    H: 232cm
  • Main tubing: 75*75mm, 2mm steel
  • 150kg assembled
  • Arrives in 4 boxes
  • 2 sets of Heavy J Hooks
  • 500kg+ load rated
  • Heavy rated safety bars
  • Plate trees on both sides
  • Matt black colour scheme
  • Versatile power rack
  • Nylon lock nuts throughout for a safe assemble
  • Seamless robotic welds
  • Rubber footing
  • Pull up bar
  • Back squats
  • Front squats
  • Bench press
  • Overhead press
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty with additional ACL warranty
  • If you wish to do banded resistance work: securely anchor the product to the floor prior with 'Dyno-bolts' or similar anchoring products. Always consult a licensed builder to inspect any anchoring prior to use.

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