159kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plate Pack [Pre order, ETA March]

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159kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plate Pack [Pre order, ETA March]

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You're after a calibrated competition-grade weight plate but sick of the traditional look?

Introducing our range of Calibrated Chrome Weight Plates, made from the purest steel alloys and finished with a striking chromed look.

Designed for the competitive powerlifter, our Calibrated Chrome Plates incorporate a minimal thickness design to ensure maximum loading is possible on a barbell. A high tolerance collar opening provides a snug fit to ensure your plates do not move between sets.

Machined calibrated without the need for calibration plugs. These are truly are a special plate and one that will last a lifetime.

Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Individual plate specifications:

  • 25kg: Chrome, red stripe, black logo, 22mm thickness, 450mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 20kg: Chrome, blue stripe, black logo, 19.6mm thickness, 450mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 15kg: Chrome, yellow stripe, black logo, 19mm thickness, 400mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 10kg, Chrome, green stripe, black logo, 17mm thickness, 325mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 5kg, Chrome, white stripe, black logo, 18mm thickness, 228mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 2.5kg, Chrome, black stripe, black logo, 14.5mm thickness, 190mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 1.25kg, Chrome, no stripe, black logo, 9.3mm thickness, 160mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 0.5kg, Chrome, no stripe, black logo, 6mm thickness, 134mm diameter, +/- 1mm
  • 0.25kg, Chrome, no stripe, black logo, 4.5mm thickness, 112mm diameter, +/- 1mm


Plate specifications:

  • Materials: C45 Steel with chromed plating
  • Powerlifting specific plate for training and competitive use.
  • GPC compliant specifications.
  • IPF compliant specifications (however, not approved for competition use).
  • High precision machine calibrated plates (does not require calibration plugs)
  • Within 0.25% weight tolerance of plate face value.
  • 25kg to 0.25kg.
  • Screen printed logo
  • Calibration plugs in the rear of the plates for additional calibration.
  • 50.4-50.6mm collar opening for a snug fit.
    (Please note, some cheaper barbells will struggle to enter the collar opening if they are made made to their correct specifications.)

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