Who are Loaded Lifting?

Powerlifting, strongman, resistance training, bodybuilding/sculpting, functional training – it all hinges on three things: inner strength (we like to call it discipline), support and trustworthiness (we like to call it a way of life).

Now you’re asking, “what are you selling?” 

Well, you know what we sell, we’re taking the opportunity to explain why we sell it. You see, once you set your mind on achieving a goal and going to the place of focus where all distractions melt away and all that matters is that lift, that set, that achievement the last thing you need is an equipment failure.  Sure you can swap belts, re-rack the weight, reset the stop clock, take a moment to rewrap your wrists or knees but the moment, that moment, is gone and it’s never coming back… because you didn’t have the gear worthy of that moment.

This is the potential cost of saving money on inferior products or taking a punt on cheap brands that refuse to display quality assurance like a medal of honour – trustworthiness!

Trustworthiness is part of the Loaded Lifting DNA.

It’s not unusual for the Loaded Lifting team to reject a dozen or so samples of one piece of equipment because it failed to stand up to rigorous, real life training scenarios. 

At Loaded Lifting we care more about performance than we do appearance. At Loaded Lifting, we care about you, your numbers, your achievement and you.

Ensuring that every last item available for sale through Loaded Lifting is rigorously tested and endorsed by real people and real trainers is how we produce the most important ingredient – trustworthiness. And it’s not for sale –trustworthiness comes free with every purchase.

That’s what we stand for, that’s how we lift the standard!

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