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Lacrosse Ball (blue)

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Avoid an expensive physiotherapist and fix your niggling mobility issues!

Lacrosse Balls are perfect for addressing areas of tight muscle and to address mobility issues arrising from training and exercise.

Reduced mobility and range of motion can cause to poor form and technique, resulting in injury or simply not utilising your body's maximum capacity to lift.

To use you lacrosse ball, simply place it under the area you wish to address and drop your body's weight into it, relaxing the muscle. Hold this for as long as necessary or comfortable. To further stimulate fascia release, roll the ball gently across the muscle to allow it to release.

  • Increase your range of motion during lifts
  • Fix mobility issues leading to poor form and technique
  • Breakdown scar tissue and provide myofascial release
  • Improve performance and lifting ability
  • Quick and easy solution to tight muscle and mobility issues

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