The Key to Coaching, Goals and 2023 not sucking

The Key to Coaching, Goals and 2023 not sucking

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The Key to Coaching, Goals and 2023 not sucking

Overall, choosing some random point in the earths rotation and stating all habits will change on that day is, well, silly.

But, it is a line in the sand, and 1 Jan is as good as any other day to reflect and move toward your goals.


Why Goals are sometimes bad 

Broadly, setting a goal without a scale of compliance is unrealistic. You don't live in a vacuum and just because you want to squat more, it doesn't mean your boss wont fire you, for partner wont walk out on you or you don't kick your toe and lose a nail.

In real terms, you scale of compliance should be appropriate to the goal, and realistic in your current life. For example.

Goal - 10 weeks, 5 days of gym in a week

  • 19 year old living at home - 95% compliance
  • 25 year old first job, paying rent, dating, 90% compliance
  • 35 year old, kids, own business, 80% compliance

If you want to really be specific about setting goals, 100% would be the stretch goal, as above would be your expected outcome and somewhere below would be acceptable.

 The Key to Coaching, Goals and 2023 not sucking

The Science of sucking or not sucking (more for coaches)

People much smarter than I use a term called 'self-efficacy' :

Increases in eating self-efficacy and physical activity self-efficacy during the active phase of the intervention are predictive of dietary intake, physical activity and weight loss at later points
'The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Behavior and Weight in a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention'


Consistently in test environments, self efficacy has a correlation with successful changes, especially with the persons own body.

Althought the science above makes it sound hard

1. the more you fail goals, the less you believe in yourself (low self efficacy)

2. the more you achieve goals, the higher the self efficacy rises

3. realistic goals with scales of compliance have a increased ability to raise self efficacy


The Key to Coaching, Goals and 2023 not sucking


Success builds confidence, confidence builds success

At some point many years ago, I was a helping on a failed app. Broadly, the app would use logic to show, based on historical models, how likely you were to succeed.

A uni was involved, and many participants went into studies. There is a number of failed diets, or failed gym efforts, where you don't even believe you will succeed anymore. Every time you fail a 'goal' you are more likely to fail similar goals in the future, because sometimes your brain is a jerk.

The app failed, because in was giving mathematical models that many people should aim for 20% or 25% compliance, and that is obviously not very uplifting for users whom don't understand.


How to Set Goals

A practical way to set goals is in a cascade, and with objective measures. For example:

1. I will go to the gym, at a minimum of 10 times per month

2. I will eat over 100g of protein at least 6 days per week

3. I will track my waist measurement once per week, and it will be smaller at the end of each month

4. I will write out, and complete a minimum of three 12 week programs this year, when I'm on program, I will not miss a programmed set or workout

These are my actual goals for 2023. The first one, I know I'll complete, then next, I'm 99% sure and each becomes harder. I will consider 90% compliance acceptable. 100% compliance is my stretch goal.

If you have a million things on, don't have the best track record etc, then set goals that are better for you, and a lower level of compliance.


Comparison is the thief of joy

Influencers, gym addicts, low personality / low hobby, and insanely focussed people often are praised and admired for 'never missing a day'. Nobody cares, life is insanely long, and being a very strict person is different from being a person that succeeds.

Don't compare yourself to some super lean person on the gram, don't follow a unrealistic program, get to the gym, hit some goals then enjoy a nice meal. Its a hobby, not a prison sentence.



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