Pre-Arnold interview with Laura Sgro

Andrew Jansen

Welcome to our first round of pre-Arnolds interview. Get to know Laura Pocketrocket Sgro


Firstly - huge congrats for the 240kg squat that was all over the internet. How long have you been powerlifting? How long have you been in the gym?

Thank you so so much !!! Powerlifting for 5 years now. Have been training in the gym since I was 14 doing competitive aerobics and then bodybuilding from age 19.

Do you remember the first time you squatted? Did it come naturally to you?

The first time I squatted under guidance by my coach Scott Hill was very different but felt better and more controlled . Over the last few years we changed my squat stance, shoes and worked on my hips and knees out and finally, I have got it and feel amazing!

Pre-Arnold interview with Laura Sgro

What kind of weights did you start at 5 years ago
Oh I think squat was 135kg, Bench 80kg, Dead 130kg.

What brought you to PL? 
What brought me to powerlifting was actually me wanting to get bigger and better for bodybuilding competition. My coach told me to try powerlifting as a short term goal while training to become a bodybuilder and after my first year of powerlifting, I fell in love with it. My health, wellbeing , strength , confidence, determination all improved dramatically when I started powerlifting .

Do you train PL year-round now?

I do but we do have different training phases e.g. I had a conditioning training till January. Then a long strength phase till February then a specialised phase on my lifts the last few weeks leading into my next competition which will be Arnold’s.

How many times do you train a week? About how long is each session?
I train in my conditioning phase of training which is after a competition and there are a few months before my next big next one I train 5 days a week that go for about 1hr and 1/2 to 2hrs sometimes 2.5hrs.

Into competition prep I train 4 days a week and they go from 2 1/2hrs longest 3 1/2 hrs

OK, for people reading, what's your top tip for the first two years of powerlifting?
My top tip for the first 2 years of powerlifting well actually it can apply to all years and level would truly trust the process! You need to be patient and suffer to succeed. Listen to your coach and leave your ego out the door! When your training does your job and always trust it!

It’s not always about numbers when you start your journey again learn to trust what happens along the way. Numbers will go up and down but as long as technique and process improves everything will come! Trust me.

You compete in a weight class dependent sport - are you very focussed on diet? to you have to cut coming into a comp?

I do I always compete under 60kg

Have done a few U57kg or u67kg but U60kg is my class. I am very focused on my food . Over the last 2 years, I haven’t had to make weight. Scotty (coach) it’s great with my food and calorie counting and knows how to get me down to a certain weight before the competition that doesn’t affect my lifts or having to make weight on the day. I do water load and my food is all whole food when I’m in prep and I never ever go over my calories I have always been like that. Gotta do the work

Pre-Arnold interview with Laura Sgro

Sounds epic. How far off is your next comp? the Arnolds? is there anything else you would like to say?
This year is a huge year for competitions. The next one is Arnold’s and then Kerns US open then another in Miami which will announce soon and then Wild Cats haha.

I want to thank Loaded Lifting again for giving me the opportunity to be a sponsored athlete and for all their support. One fantastic team!

Also for anyone that’s new to this sport and wants to pursue it just doesn’t give up! There will hard times we are all human and have negative thoughts but never give in and always trust the process.

To my coach , supporters, fiancé, friends, family and fellow competitors thank you for believing in me and helping me achieve my goal to one day be the GOAT!

Thank you again

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