Mother's Day Special - interview with a Powerlifting Mum ❤

Elle Staykov

Do we have a treat for you!

We've tracked down an awesome Mum, Corinne, from New South Wales, who wanted to share her experiences, thoughts, and advice with us.

She's an inspiration to all mothers out there - and women in general!

Her biggest piece of advice to other mum's out there looking to get into Powerlifting:

DO IT!  Find yourself a coach that you trust.  A good coach will only want the best for you and want you to achieve your goals, but also won’t shy away from having the tough chats.  Set yourself realistic goals (ie: compete in a novice comp or a test day) and go for it! "

Here are some other things we asked her...

What is the best thing about being a powerlifting mum?

Seeing how proud my daughters are of me and how my training has shown them that women can lift weights (even after having children), have goals, achieve those goals and let them know that it is OK for mums to have a passions/interests outside of the home.  It is also fun when my daughters’ friends think “its so cool” when they find out that I do powerlifting!

Powerlifting/training also helps massively with my mental health.  Powerlifting for me is a form of therapy and keeps me a happy mum. 


What motivates you?

The want to lift heavy (and then heavier again!).  Also wanting to harness the health benefits of lifting weights and stay as fit and healthy for as long as possible.   


How do you think you differ from other mum’s that aren’t into powerlifting?

I think I am different from other mum’s as I find that I am a very disciplined/motivated person (which you have to be to do powerlifting).  You can’t make excuses to skip training no matter what life has thrown up.   You have to self-motivate (and hold yourself accountable) as no one is going to do it for you.   


What is your biggest achievement as a powerlifter?

Competing in my first sanctioned powerlifting comp (thanks to my coach Laura for the push!).    I am a very nervous/anxious person, so for me competing was a massive achievement.  Also stepping out in a soft suit - eeekk!!


Do your kids come and cheer you on at competitions?

My eldest daughter (16) is my biggest fan and has come to all my comps.  I can always hear her cheering me on (shouting as loud as possible “go mum”) and launching into me for the biggest hug when it’s all over.


What is the best gift for a powerlifting mum?

Chuck Norris Converse shoes and new leggings (you can never have enough pairs of leggings!)


What was the last gift your kids/ husband got you?

A Soda Stream (I drink a lot of soda water!) and a pair of Nike Air Max.


What was YOUR latest powerlifting purchase (that you bought yourself)?

A new pair of deadlifting socks.  


 What do you think is an essential item in powerlifting? What can you NOT go without?

An essential item is Voltaren tablets/cream for all those niggles!  I can NOT go without my lifting belt (holds all the right things in the right places)!


We wanted to thank Corinne, for agreeing to be interviewed and giving us open and honest answers about her experience!

We wish her all the best for her future comps - we will be checking in 😁

LL xx

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