Monthly Meet 2021 - That's a wrap!

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Monthly Meet 2021 - That's a wrap!

Monthly Meet 2021 - That's a wrap!


Due to the continuous growth within Loaded post 2020, James and Jarrad gained... a Jack, to assist with warehouse operations. We became 3.


You guys wanted more equipment, so the only way the team could facilitate this demand was to find a larger home.

So with a few tears, it was time to part ways with the beloved Townsend Street Warehouses and relocate to Millrose Drive.


In the peak of lockdowns, we were doing our best to meet your needs, but we realised we needed a dedicated (and highly experienced) Customer Experience Manager to ensure we were offering a quick response and resolution time. That's when Ash joined the business. Now we were 4.


Because of your ongoing feedback throughout the year, we realised that the team of four was still not enough to ensure we were meeting your needs. That's when Khiem joined the team. We became 5.


You wouldn't believe it, but you guys continued to keep us busy post lockdowns... That's when Sarina joined the Customer Experience team to help Ash ensure we were still getting to all your enquiries and offering the Customer Experience possible. Back to even numbers, 6.


The containers kept rolling in and more man power was needed. Mwansa joined the warehouse team at the start of November, and then Isaac joined us at the end of the month. We became 8.


Upstairs in the office James needed an extra set of hands (and a very big brain) on deck to manage our core supply chains (because let's be real, pre-order delays drove us insane too)

That's when Nabil started with us this week as a Supply Chain and Procurement Officer. 

It had been a big year for the Loaded Team - it was finally time to blow off some steam,  have a laugh and stop talking about work for a moment!

Thank you all for your continued patronage, support, patience and loyalty during what we thought was the end to a crazy year (2020). We hope you all sign off the year with a win and keep hitting those PBs!

Thank you, thank you from all of us at Loaded.


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