Loaded Home Workout Series - No.1

Andrew Jansen

Christian Magaraggia PhD


5 minute read  

While hitting the gym is currently out of the question, there is no reason why we need to stop training. In fact, by utilising a few key bits of kit we can train not only major muscle groups but also functional movements.

So if you’re feeling stuck about what to do and need some basic routines to keep you in shape, we’ve got you covered. Loaded Lifting will be bringing you a series of home workouts to not only maintain fitness and strength but also to challenge you in some ways that you might not be used to.   


The movements in this series are all bodyweight and the resistance from the band will really kick in towards the end ranges of movement. This coupled with the instability of the band does a nice job at developing active muscular stability plus the added benefit of delivering a surprisingly satisfying pump. We are going to be following a higher rep protocol, so get ready to burn!


Complete the following movements as a warmup;

Banded single-arm press x 10 reps on each arm

Banded Squat x 20

Banded upright row x 10 reps

Minimalistic Superset Circuit

In this first part of the workout we are going to superset the banded overhead squat, scapula retraction and push-up. To do this simply complete your first set of banded overhead squats then the scapula retractions and finally the push-ups, then go back to the overhead squats and complete the remaining sets in the same format. Follow the format in the table below, choose a suitable difficulty, get into it, get sweaty, get tired and stay positive.

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