Catch Up With Affiliate Athlete Tom Hardy

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Get to know a little more about one of our Affiliate Athletes, Tom Hardy

Catch Up With Affiliate Athlete Tom Hardy

Where it started

At the age of 16 back in 2013, I began my journey to become stronger for rugby league. Together with some of my friends, I participated in a push/pull competition in Brisbane and was immediately captivated by the sport.

Where it's at

Multiple National Titles, 8 Australian records over 2 federations, 3 world records, and currently hold the biggest squat ever by an Australian in the 100kg weight class.

What's next

In the short term, I would love to be on the podium at ProRaw13, the biggest stage in Australian Powerlifting. Long term, my goal is to reach the pinnacle of lifting and become a world-class Powerlifter.

Catch Up With Affiliate Athlete Tom Hardy

What's the motivator

My ultimate aim is to have the satisfaction of knowing that I have given it my all in lifting, leaving no room for regret, and to have made my family proud through my efforts.

Favourite Quote

“ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done” - Sylvester Stallone


This quote serves as a source of motivation for me during difficult times. When things don't go my way, I remind myself of this and strive to keep pushing forward, because I believe that perseverance will lead to success in the end. If I quit, that's when I truly know I have lost. As Sylvester Stallone puts it, "keep punching."


Something followers don't know

Aside from powerlifting, I have a passion for acting. If I wasn’t powerlifting, I would likely pursue a career in the film industry as I am deeply drawn to it and feel confident in my abilities.


Trust the process & that everything happens for a reason.

What does 'Lifting the Standard' mean for you

It means to me no matter what always give your 100% best effort whether that’s training or competition. No matter what’s on the bar. Giving/lifting more than your standard effort every day will not only develop you physically but mentally as well not just in lifting but in life.

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